"What Wall Street Giveth, Wall Street Taketh Away"

It’s harvest time again and the fleecing of the stock market sheep has once again been astonishingly successful. What a harvest, some say the biggest ever, with Billions bilked from the bleating herd of naive investors and transferred to the coffers of market insiders. This bilking, also known as a market correction takes place whenever the movers and shakers decide to prick the proverbial market bubble. As of late, ( March 19 - 2001 ) stock markets have been plummeting, losing a huge percentage of their value. To many novices this gigantic loss appears to have just evaporated into thin air. But this belief I’m afraid is far from the truth. The truth is, no money ever just disappears from the markets. What transpires instead is money simply changes hands.

*** Quoting Peter Canelo, the US investment strategist at Morgan Stanley Dean- Witter in New York. "One must realize that the market may create wealth but it doesn’t create new money. The money is always there, only the pockets change." he says "For every buyer there’s a seller, for every borrower there’s a lender. What Wall Street giveth, Wall Street taketh away."

Some of the most influential on Wall Street under the inspired guidance of the US Federal Reserve are the beneficiaries of these manipulated markets, forearmed with insider knowledge this Cabal has literally made a killing. Through worldwide manipulation of gold prices, currency and derivative trading, a large portion of the wealth of the western world has now ended up in the pockets of this Wall Street Gang. Suffice to say, with the levers of power under their control and with a myriad of schemes and well organized strategies, they have succeeded even beyond their wildest dreams.

One gleaming example stands out, the art of speculating on declining markets, this tactic known as shorting the market, has literally raked in a bonanza for this cartel. To be able to gauge just when to short the markets is the tricky part, when to make this judgment call is where cronies from the Federal Reserve make their important contribution. These insider’s provide crucial information, including the exact time and date of upcoming major policy changes, such as the tightening or expanding of credit, the raising or the lowering of interest rates and so on. Providing the cabal with vital information of this nature turns market speculation into a cakewalk, ensuring mega profits on a no risk basis.

Proving that this collaboration takes place is another matter. Presently, these manipulators and the giant multi-national corporations they represent are now so well entrenched they appear to be above the law, untouchable and immune to prosecution. A huge step towards exposing this charade would see the United States government audit the privately owned and controlled US Federal Reserve Banking system, this audit is something that the Federal Reserve has feared, but has somehow managed to avoid since it’s inception in 1913. When this audit takes place, it will become blatantly obvious how the US Federal Reserve, the markets and the manipulators are all conveniently linked.

This cabal has successfully gained financial control over a major portion of resources in the western world. Their multi-national corporations promoted signing the ill conceived global trade agreements that are proving to be extremely damaging to the earth’s environment, at the same time are driving ever increasing numbers into poverty. How to remedy this diabolical collusion, and bring about justice, will be no easy task.
Ending on a slightly more positive note, it has been said, "That the only one constant in the universe is change." One thing is certain, sweeping change is long overdue on Wall Street.

Caveat Emptor...........Let the investor beware.

Claire Foss


*** We do agree with the general premise of Peter Canelo’s statement but it must be pointed out that according to the excellent booklet, “Modern Money Mechanics” it clearly states that banks create money when they lend it – AND WHEN THEY INVEST IT. The “market” in this sense really does create new money and that’s what the current M&A frenzy is all about. Without it the market would collapse! (It’s better than war…but that can’t be far off!) ......A special thanks to D’Arcy Milligan for bringing this most important point to our attention.