Book review:

The Evil Empire, Globalization's Darker Side.

Author: Paul Hellyer
114 pages
$ 9.95 softcover
Published by: Chimo Media Limited
Contact: Fax 416-535-6325

"Money is driving our governments and now it wants to rule the world, the manipulators of money have jammed our consciousness to the point of hypnosis. Globalization is simply a code word to camouflage what is really going on. Globalization is not about trade, as its promoters would like us to believe.

It is about power and control. It is a attempt by the worlds largest banks and multinational corporations to run the world their way, for their own benefit and by their own set of rules, rules that would allow them to undo a century of social progress and to alter the distribution of income from inequitable to inhuman. The empire they plan would be a evil empire in the truest sense. It would be a empire where individual countries, especially the small ones, would lose the flexibility to pass good and humane laws in the interest of all the people. Gold would be the absolute monarch and good the mark of disloyalty.

This evil empire is not a figment of the imagination, plans are well advanced and it will become a reality unless we take immediate steps to stop it."

" What we are talking about is a virtual world without leaders ruled by a virtual dictatorship of the worlds most powerful central banks, commercial banks and multinational companies.It would be a world where small countries like Canada don't count, a world where our legislators would count for even less, and where citizens as voters would count for nothing at all because it wouldn't matter who we elected. Government, any government would be almost powerless to effect and improve our destiny."

The world described above is a absolute certainty if we just sit on our hands and do nothing. So that anyone content with a vision of that kind of a world can just relax and "enjoy it" as the inevitable unfolds. For those who find the prospect frightening and totally unacceptable, immediate, concerted action is required. Soon, very soon, it will be too late.

Paul Hellyer has put into exact words, the thoughts that more and more aware Canadians now hold to be true. For all loyal Canadians this reasonably priced book is a must read.................Claire Foss

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