Publication Date: October 18, 2003

Press Release


TORONTO – One Big Party: To Keep Canada Independent is the Hon. Paul Hellyer’s newest exciting treatise on Canadian politics. In it, Hellyer takes on the key political and social issues of our time, ranging from the war on Iraq, to the IMF and the World Bank, to the problems of poverty at home and abroad. Hellyer exposes the fundamentals of these problems: that national democracies have been subverted by a formidable brand of unelected world leaders, power brokers and investment bankers. This global consensus of market values has seeped into Canada, eroding our democratic institutions and threatening our independence.

What is to be done? The conclusion is obvious: Canada should chart its own course, abandon the neo-conservative consensus and restore Canada to a place of prosperity. Rather than ‘unite the right,’ the war-cry of many Canadian politicians, Hellyer seeks to ‘unite the rest’ to oppose the insidious creep of market fundamentalist values.

Hellyer, one of Canada’s most respected politicians, recalls a time when Canadians pursued excellence, independence and prosperity – prosperity for all Canadians, not simply the wealthiest few. Hellyer recalls a time when leaders did something other than simply cut taxes for the rich – a time when governments invested in essential services for all its citizens. Yet, One Big Party is not simply a critique of 20 years of Canadian decline; indeed, Hellyer argues that we have a unique opportunity to set things right and make Canada a world leader once again.

One Big Party is a spirited defense of an independent Canada. But more than that, it is a call to arms. Hellyer urges the formation of a big new broadly-based progressive pro-Canada party which would provide a real alternative to a Liberal regime content to sit idly by while Canada drifts further and further towards impotence and mediocrity.

Mel Hurtig, one of Canada’s most dynamic nationalists, writes: “This is an excellent book. Paul Hellyer lists the many very important reasons why the current proposals for further economic and military integration with the U.S. would be a fatal route for Canada.”

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