A Brief History of the Canada Party

In the early part of the 1990's it became apparent that none of the old line political parties were seriously addressing the root cause of the colossal deficit and debt. These two conjured plagues were perpetrated on an unsuspecting Canada and then were used as the major excuse to literally rip apart the entire social fabric of the country. This feat was engineered by the elite of the nation in an attempt to totally privatize every facet of the Canadian economy.

To Joseph Thauberger founder of the Canada Party this plight was all so predictable. Mr Thauberger who has spent a lifetime studying the banking industry and has written two books exposing the multi-flawed and corrupt Canadian monetary system.

Armed with this monetary knowledge and a deep love for his country, this 80 year old Canadian patriot decided it was time to take a stand. With the help of some very dedicated Saskatchewan associates and another loyal Canadian, Atlanta Braley, wheels were set in motion. It was this duo along with a dedicated British Columbia group of volunteers that were most instrumental in getting the party started.
It was soon realised that the only way banking reform would ever be implemented was to also include the demand that governments must be held accountable to the people. Thus citizens (direct) democracy would become a powerful second plank in the party's platform. The Canada Party logo spells out the party's stance in a clear and concise manner, it reads:

Direct Democracy-Voters Initiative-Referendum and Recall.

These two powerful tools, government accountability and banking reform would then form the very nucleus of the Canada Party. The first national organizational meeting was arranged and held in Toronto just a few short weeks before the 1993 federal election. With limited finances and in a very short time span the Canada Party managed to field and run 56 candidates from across the nation, this near impossible task seemed like a miracle to those closely involved.

Since the last election Mr Thauberger decided to step down and make way for a younger man. Mr Claire Foss, was elected the new leader and has attempted, and succeeded in making the Canada Party name a recognizable force in the monetary reform movement. Mr Foss along with the rest of the board of directors are now preparing for the next federal election. This team, with very limited press coverage has managed to spread this main banner message:

There is no positive reform without banking reform.

Canada Party Leader Claire Foss, challenges voters with a most critical choice, stating the following.

"Either the government makes the rules regulating the private banking system, or the private banking system will make the rules regulating the government."

This is precisely the mission of the Canada Party, first to educate people and open their minds to the realization that a new banking deal is possible. And then of course the ultimate goal , to hold office and provide a visionary federal government that is truly accountable to the people of this once great nation..........Claire Foss.