Increasingly we live in a debt-laden world where personal freedoms are threatened and where public dissent is considered a crime. The principal focus of COGs is to provide education at the local level for the purpose of generating constructive change. Refusing to be caught up in an insane ‘race to the bottom’, our goal is to provide an effective voice  at the community level where we live and work and raise our families -  not just at election time but whenever the voice of freedom is threatened or the bureaucratic machine overreaches its boundaries. A tick on a piece of paper every four years is not democracy – and communism or fascism are not acceptable alternatives to malfunctioning capitalism.

We believe that Money Power now writes the national and global agendas that dominate our daily lives - and that all reform must be accompanied by monetary reform if it is to be truly effective..

What follows was originally designed for mass distribution as a simple introductory pamphlet to be cut and pasted on two sides of a letter-size sheet of paper. The first page can be edited to reflect the unique assets of your particular community and we invite you to join us in thinking globally- and acting locally.




Imagine our hospitals equipped with the finest technology, with no waiting lists, staffed by well-paid nurses and a stress-free administration; a well-funded health system orchestrated via a largely autonomous Hospital Board that places emphasis on prevention as well as treatment.

Visualise local schools returning creative arts and sports to their rightful place in a balanced curriculum, staffed by well-rewarded teachers under a local School Board who have proven their dedication, adding subjects like Conflict Resolution to free our young from their current legacy of violence and wars.

Think about gaining public control over our own precious water supply using state-of-the-art equipment and de-centralised storage so we are not at risk of mass contamination or an increasingly centralised take-over by the private shareholders of Suez, Vivendi or Bechtel

See our major highways and avenues lined with flowers and shrubs grown in solar-assisted greenhouses backed up by methane gas generated by the city’s sewage plant. Imagine partially-treated waste being used to trickle nutrients into soil where marketable soft-wood grows in abundance to be harvested and marketed by local companies.

Envisage our re-vitalised community as a greenhouse Mecca with solar greenhouses extending our growing season, providing early organic produce, saving the high cost of imports and creating hundreds of jobs for young people, local farmers, co-operatives and a huge variety of other spin-off businesses.

Creativity at a community level knows no bounds. It’s a matter of capitalizing on unique local assets. Perhaps you see our city as a potential Olympic or professional training centre for specific sports like skiing, rowing, ice hockey or gymnastics.

You might envisage it as a teaching centre for visual and performing arts; for speech and drama training, operatic talent or orchestral excellence that can be used as a foundation for something of international quality.

Now ask yourself what’s stopping us from achieving such goals—and many, many more! You’ll be told that it’s “lack of money”, but this pamphlet and other COG’s material will prove to you that there is absolutely no shortage of money in the system. If you doubt this, then remind yourself that when the next war is declared there will instantly become available immense sums of money for uniforms, guns, trucks, tanks, planes, ships, logistical support  and trillions of dollars worth of ‘sophisticated’ weapons of mass destruction. Instead, let’s fund peace!

Don’t ever think that a small group of focused, dedicated people can’t effect positive change on a massive scale; indeed, history shows it’s the only thing that ever has! Prosperity is our and our children’s birthright. Check out and find out more. 


DTCC is the electronic (i.e. paperless) central clearing house for nearly all the world’s foreign exchange dealings, municipal/provincial/federal government bonds, shares, derivatives, commodity futures, hedges, mutual funds, insurance funds, private bonds and every other conceivable kind of  financial ‘instrument’. Undoubtedly the largest private corporation in the world, their shares are closely controlled by international banks. In 2005 the publicity-shy DTCC turned over US$1.4 quadrillion. (A quadrillion is a million billion!)

Canada’s share of this unimaginable sum is around 8-9%, a staggering CAD$130 trillion (CAD$130,000,000,000,000). Of this turnover, well over 90% is known to be purely ‘speculative’; in other words, a form of gambling


 The purpose of FTT would be to incrementally replace every other form of taxation with a simple tax on every banking transaction. Allowing for two transfers—one in and one out—even a tiny .1% tax would yield CAD$130 billion. That’s without allowing for credit card, debit card, cheques, Letters of Credit and other forms of banking transactions! To put this sum into perspective; Ottawa pays out $27 billion in Old Age Security, transfers $22 billion into Health and Social programmes and spends $13 billion on National Defence.  The proposed FTT far outstrips Ottawa’s current major revenue sources such as personal income tax ($93 billion), GST ($30 billion) and Excise Tax on gas ($4 billion). Imagine what we could do with a measly .2% FTT!  

Beginning at the municipal level COGs are calling for our elected politicians to support the introduction of FTT—a single-paragraph piece of plain-language legislation, with no loopholes and no exceptions.

The tax would be collected at the time of any transferral by financial institutions and remitted automatically and directly to the publicly-owned Bank of Canada (BofC) under a re-vamped Board of Directors and under open and accountable public scrutiny. The BofC would transfer funding to every chartered municipal government calculated on a per capita basis for use by local governments, local School Boards and local Hospital Boards. In our debt-laden nation this simple action would provide all the funds necessary to revitalise our communities and restore our national economy.

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) would be required to shift their focus away from the harassment of over-taxed and impoverished individuals and businesses, toward monitoring and ensuring full compliance by financial institutions.

Who better to collect FTT than the banks themselves — with all the modern technology at their disposal — and who better than the CRA to police them?

Taxes were originally designed to provide governments with the funds they needed to ‘run the country’. Today the CRA collects taxes for the sole purpose of paying off the interest owed to private banks on an un-repayable debt, leaving governments to tax, cut services and sell-off public assets that have taken generations of hard work and taxes for us to acquire.

FTT is not the final solution, but it would stop the tragic haemorrhaging of our nation’s wealth until the right to create our money is removed from private banks with their built-in system of interest-laden debt and returned to our elected government, where it constitutionally belongs. 


While we pay two to five times over for every home we purchase, our governments are doing the same for public expenditures. The difference is that what they are doing is unconstitutional—and COGs are providing communities with irrefutable proof of this. We are also able to prove that banks do not lend their depositors’ money, but simply create money at the moment of lending it and then show that loan as an asset in their books! By this clever process nearly all money in circulation is debt money owed to private banks.

The principal is created virtually out of thin air and the money needed to repay the interest can only be created when it too is borrowed into being. Such a system can only sustain itself by perpetual and growing debt, but the problem doesn’t end there. Since Bill C-19, passed in December 1991, banks are no longer required to keep any reserves against the loans they make and are thus able to lend or invest—without limit, both to governments and to corporations set upon global monopolisation.

The final flaw lies in the nature of compound interest’ (usury). Once a debt borrowed at usury becomes unrepayable it grows “all on its own” on a curve which will eventually climb near-vertically. But our debts are the moneylenders’ assetsso these, too, grow exponentially and can now be counted in the millions of billions. As a result, the US federal governments debt is rapidly approaching $10 trillion and Canada’s all-government debt, including unfunded public liabilities such as pensions is estimated by the Fraser Institute at $2.7 trillion. Moreover, apart from a few small tax havens around the world designed as loopholes for the super-rich, not one national government on the entire planet is debt free.


In Canada, the US, the UK, Australia and New Zealand, grass-roots monetary reform movements are educating the public concerning the insanity of our present money system.

They are calling upon municipalities and provinces/states to pass resolutions calling upon federal governments to create constitutionally-sound interest-free money through publicly-owned central banks and lend it to lower levels of government for the building of capital assets or for the paying down of present interest-bearing loans from private banking monopolies. Such new loans would be repayable only once instead of 2 to 5 times over; introduced incrementally to avoid disrupting financial markets and require equivalent reductions in usury-laden private bank loans, to avoid inflation. This community-based educational program and citizens’ initiative forms an essential part of COG’s global movement.


In biblical times it was recognized that ‘money cannot breed money’ and that if usury was allowed to flourish, all wealth would eventually end up in the hands of the moneylenders. The simple solution was debt forgiveness every 50 years. This was the original meaning of the word ‘Jubilee’ - named for the sound of the ram’s horn (Hebrew: yobel) that heralded it at Yom Kippur, after the passing of seven ‘7-year Sabbaticals’. Realistically, current debts can never be repaid and COGs are encouraging community-initiated petitions aimed at promoting the Jubilee—not just for Third World nations, but for all the debt-laden nations of the world, including Canada and the US.


Economically, politically, culturally and spiritually we are being drawn to a search for higher truths, but nowhere in the physical world is that search more urgent than in the field of simple finance. Our daily lives are almost totally dominated by money—or lack of it— yet few understand its workings, or realise that it’s the pressure of usury-driven debt, created by a few, that demands ever-increasing taxes, built-in obsolescence, greater consumption and unsustainable economic growth. It is key shareholders in the international banks and their relentless drive  for global expansion, profit and power that has resulted in mass unemployment, endless wars, environmental destruction and poverty amidst plenty.

Ask yourself; if every nation in the world is in deep debt—at the same time—where is all the money? Simple logic dictates that it must be within the banking system itself and that unless this fatally flawed system is fixed the global economy will crash. When it does our bankrupt federal and provincial governments will not be there for us, but at community level we have immense creativity and potential. Whatever we can dream of we can manifest! In fact, if it’s 1) needed, 2) achievable and 3) democratically approved there is no public project that cannot be undertaken with initial funding via FTT  and interest-free money provided constitutionally by our elected parliament.

Whether you are a debt-laden university student, embattled worker, struggling farmer, overtaxed small business owner, a senior deeply concerned about health care cuts, a stressed-out teacher or a concerned environmentalist—in fact no matter what your current situation or political stripe— there’s a place for you in this exciting new community initiative. The problems we are addressing are far too important to leave in the hands of moneylenders, their corporate underlings, their controlled media and their army of agenda-driven pollsters, lobbyists, ill-informed and corrupted senior politicians  and unelected bureaucrats.

COG’s focus is on solutions not scapegoats but the signs are clear that the 1920’s pattern of a Great Depression ‘bailed out’ by a World War is about to be repeated. If for no one else, then for the sake of your children and grandchildren act now to wisely and peacefully change the system - or sit idle and risk hardship and chaos beyond your darkest nightmares. Your choice.