Worldwide Depression… (1929)… Back To The Future.

by Claire Foss 30/12/2007
A one page exposé of this planets most powerful (behind the scene) political force.

Question: What group was directly responsible for bringing on the crash and 
great depression in 1929?
Answer:  The international banking cartel.

The method used:
The big banks of the day called in the majority of loans and greatly reduced 
the amount of new credit. Since the vast majority of money in circulation is 
debt money; these two well timed procedures were instrumental in slowing 
growth, causing world economies to stagnate. Markets tumbled; business and 
individual bankruptcies were the order of the day. Most importantly financial 
institutions and smaller banks simply collapsed, or were merged (taken over) by 
banks or other financial entities sporting the proper credentials.

The reason:  Eliminate banking competition and centralize monetary control.

Fast forward:  2007-2008 
Past successful banking maneuvers are about to be repeated, plus the ingenious 
application of even more diverse methods than those used to bring about the 
1929 event. These international money manipulators will attempt and quite 
possibly create the same catastrophic result in the near future.

The latest turmoil in the economy and markets appear directly linked to central 
bank incompetence, only true to a point. When looking at the bigger picture 
however, it quite obviously is all by design. 

It is the known result of the economic policies deliberately followed by the 
international banking cartel and their subordinates. 

They wish to precipitate a depression. 

This is their age old method for increasing their grip on power. 

Everything else is misinformation, smoke and mirrors. 

They will use this coming worldwide depression to call for centralizing 
monetary control. 

World Control has been the longtime goal of this coterie of international 
bankers and this coming depression, if left unchallenged, just may bring 
their fondest dream of total world monetary control to fruition. 
The burning question for society that begs to be asked, Who Should Issue the 
Nation's Money? ... ‘Private Banking’ with its boom or bust mentality and where 
insider benefits are truly astounding, or by an ‘Independent Government 
Corporation’ where the benefit to earth and mankind would be a godsend and 
would be immediately obvious?