Neutral Money…A Common Mindset That Needs Changing

By: Claire Foss…with input from D’Arcy Craig Milligan

Recently when listening to a well known spiritual leader I was most shocked by what I heard. The suggestion was that today’s money is to be considered an entirely neutral commodity and simply a convenient method of doing business. Today’s money can take the form of paper legal tender, or a series of blips on a computer screen  used when exchanging goods, services, acquiring mortgages or loans at any level of commerce or government.

Many believe that all money is originally government issued. One wonders just how widespread this misconception is, or how ingrained the belief is that money now in use should somehow be considered ‘neutral money’.

This well known spiritual guru appeared to hold these false beliefs, and seemed to have little knowledge regarding the debt money system or how it operates. It is disappointing to say the least when people held in high esteem (especially spiritual mentors) that are looked up to by many in their communities, have such lack of knowledge around the money creation process and the disastrous effect corrupt private banking is having on the entire planet.

 Money comes into existence with strings attached (debt); most new money is loaned (with interest of course) into circulation by the private banks. When one fully comprehends this most poignant fact, money can never be regarded as being ‘neutral’ in any sense of the word. To the contrary; money is power! The present highly centralised private control of money and credit has enabled international money-lenders to corrupt the democratic process, to influence legislation in their own favour, to buy and control the media, to finance and exploit social and genetic engineering to their own ends and the power to destroy the global environment in pursuit of profit.

Our fatally flawed economic system has failed us and it is most critical that the public fully understand the mechanism of the privately-controlled money system before seeking a workable alternative.

An economic system where money can be considered truly ‘neutral’ is precisely the goal and the remedy this journal is advocating.

 As a small part of the solution, ask your local religious leaders to look up references to 'usury' in their Holy Books and invite them to share their research with their congregations. The pulpit might be the perfect place from which to launch an up-wising.